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adding new words??

Aurora   March 6th, 2011 10:11a.m.

Hi there,

I have been studying for a few hours now, words to revise has been down to zero for over an hour, but I just keep getting words to revise still, and no new words...well maybe an occasional one...

I am studying words that are only 80% due, still waiting for new words to present, is this right?

I have tried clicking the little plus button 'add new word to list' this only worked a few times and then greyed out.

I really need to get onto the new words not revise ones that aren't due yet, should my settings be different?

I dont like to mess with settings as I usually actually trust the order of things with Skritter!!


Neil   March 6th, 2011 10:53a.m.

Hey Donna, do you have tomorrow off? we've got labour day or something here.
Check your main study home page to see what lists are being added right now - are they all paused? If not, then go to settings button while studying and check the Temporary parts study setting right in the middle there.

Aurora   March 6th, 2011 5:37p.m.

Sorry guys, just woke up and checked settings like Neil suggested and realised I actually hadn't clicked 'study custom list' after I had created my last new list of words...i always automatically click this after adding new list but must have missed it this time....oh well an extra hour of practice of old words wasn't so bad...

No Neil, no Pub Hol here today for NT- but as a stay at home mum I don't get holidays or sickys anyway :-)

Enjoy your day off!


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