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Three Reasons to Buy a Wacom Tablet

Speed. With a tablet you can write characters twice as fast, and more accurately too.
Muscle Memory. Writing with a tablet trains your hand the same way writing with a pen does.
Ergonomics. Tablets are better for your wrists, so save your wrists and ditch the mouse.

Best Tablets For Skritter:

Some info about Wacoms

  • Compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS 10 (10.4.8 or higher), and Linux computers.
  • Drawing in Skritter looks cooler with the pressure sensitivity.
  • There are many more Wacoms that may suit your purposes better. Check out the full lineup.
  • Make sure to configure your Wacom settings when you get yours.

Available at Amazon

China: small, medium
Japan: small, medium
Germany: small, medium
France: small, medium
UK: small, medium
US: small, medium
Canada small, medium